New publication! Read about bio-based fungicidal additives

There is a great potential of poplar bark from short-rotation coppices as bio-based fungicidal additives! In the newest research of the Dendromass4Europe project, it was found, that the bark of poplar clones contains different potential fungicides. Bark as a by-product of wood plantations is available in high quantity and...

New publication! Read about farmers’ willingness to adopt SRP

Short rotation plantations (SRP) with poplars can contribute to bioeconomy by satisfying the rising demand for lignocellulosic material and thus help realizing the transition from using nonrenewable resources to renewable resources for energy and material production. Moreover, poplar plantations can provide positive environmental impacts such as landscape diversification, phytoremediation,...

New Job Offer

What: Project „Preparation of a Bavarian Biomass Resource Strategy – scientific basis and recommendations (BioReSt)” Where: Technische Universität München, Bavaria, Germany Language: German Due date: 28.02.2021 For detailed information, please see the PDF file.