New publication! Read about social life cycle assessment of bio-based products

At the D4EU project, we establish new value chains, who raise expectations in economic and social benefits. To determine whether these expectations can be fulfilled or whether there are also negative consequences, social aspects should be assessed as early as the R&D phase. Potential social impacts can be assessed with the help of a social life cycle assessment (SLCA). The current study shows preliminary results to an SLCA study on bio-based value chains, based on wood from Short Rotation Coppice in Slovakia. The proposed indicator-set serves as a structure for data collection and helps to concentrate on relevant social and socioeconomic aspects, as a starting point for following detailed analysis. Therefor a three-step process has been developed to identify the most vulnerable and relevant social aspects. These three steps were implemented into a case study to empirically test the method. The outcome of this study aims to support future research by identifying an appropriate approach for the selection of indicators in SLCA. For studies with a similar focus, the proposed set of indicators can be used as a framework in itself or serve as a basis for the choice of relevant social indicators.