Poplars for better packaging

One of the objectives of Dendromass4Europe (D4EU) is the demonstration of the market introduction and the application of 4 new bio-based Materials (NBBM) linked to the establishment of 4 new bio-based value chains based upon separately adding higher value to the wood and the bark of the poplars. One of this new bio-based is an eco-fungicidal moulded fibre pulp for packaging, produced by our Polish partner Pulpack. So in the last year, Pulpack has started to fix the fungicides, occuring in the poplar bark, in the fibre bulk. In addition, several accompanying tests with different fungicidal materials have been carried out. And there have been first successes: The manufactured plantpots had a better stiffness and strength and did not break down as fast as untreated plantpots.

The picture shows a moulded fibre pulp packaging like it is used for machines and home appliances. During longer periods of shipping, dispatching or storage, normal pulp usually breaks down through moisture. The poplar bark contains several different fungicidal ingredients such as salicin. Added to the fibre pulp it hampers the decomposition of the packaging. But Salicin respectively other derivatives of salicylic acid can also be used in medicine. One known application of salicylic acid is in the form of acetylsalicylic acid for the treatment of headache. Most people might know it under the brand name Aspirin.