Dendromass4Europe is rethinking European wood production. Additional information about the project can be found in the following puplications.


 Document Title Date Added
D4EU Leaflet 2017 6th November 2017
D4EU Poster 2017 8th November 2017
D4EU RollUp 2017 5th December 2017
D4EU Deliverable 6.1 “Public Website” 13th February 2018
D4EU Deliverable 6.2 “Dissemination and Communication Plan” 13th February 2018
Meyer, M.: Chancen ungenutzter Landpotenziale erschließen. In: Holz-Zentralblatt (16) 2018, p. 374-375 3rd May 2018
D4EU Deliverable 5.1 “Incentives and barriers to the engagement in dendromass production” 16th October 2018