New research about Tannin-based, eco-fungicidal packaging

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Poplar bark, which currently serves primarily as a source for energy, will be used for an eco-fungicidal moulded fibre pulp for packaging. These fibre parts can replace plastics in packaging, are biodegradable and can also be recycled without any problems. The challenge was to determine the necessary proportion of natural bark fungicides for a protective effect of at least six months. As a result, it was found that a tannin-filled product was able to achieve a protective effect even under more difficult conditions than with conventional container shipping. It is therefore assumed that a protective effect can also be achieved on packaging parts that are intended for overseas transport. Thus, the eco-fungicidal packaging material developed by D4EU is also very well suited for wrapping high-quality products such as wine bottles, toys or electrical goods.

Read the full text: Developing a Tannin-based, Eco-fungicidal Packaging Material

moulded fibre pulp plant pot
moulding plant pots after 6 weeks without tannin
fibre pulp plant pots for gardening
eco-friendly, biodegradable plant pots made of fibre pulp